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Do you carry ideas in your head for new projects or goals, which you want to achieve, but you can’t finish them, not even start them? teikeki will help you with that.

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How does teikeki work?

1. Idea

Write down every single idea, that swirls in your head. You will always find them here and never lose them. Feel free to be inspired by other users' goals or projects.

2. Goal

Every idea can become a goal. It is only up to you, how far you want to get it. You’d better start with something smaller, and increase demands on yourself little by little.

3. Deadline

If you don’t have a fixed deadline, you may put it off on „then“. But „then“ may never come. Build your discipline and stop deceiving yourself.

4. Proces

You can do it! Do, work, fight, don’t give up! If it starts to be hard, remember, why you started. Success is not for everyone. You won’t get it for free, you need to work for your succes. It’s easy to give up, but that‘s not your case – YOU came to succeed.

5. Success

Enjoy you success. The path you have taken from idea to here shows that it wasn’t just coincidence, but an intention! You did it! You can be proud of yourself, share your success and become an inspiration to others!

teikeki will guide you through whole process to achieve your goal or project. It will help you consider all of the pros and cons, monitor your progress and in the end you will be able to praise your result.

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Can you imagine that of your projects will be succesfully completed? Join us and help us improve this number even more!

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