„The path you will take from idea to success will be proof that it was an intention and not just lucky coincidence.“

What is teikeki

teikeki is motivating application that will help you bring your goals, projects and dreams to a succesfull end, simply said, it will help with your success.

Who is teikeki for?

teikeki is designed for everyone who has trouble succeeding, struggling with procrastination, wanting to fulfill their dreams or take themselves to the next level.

How can teikeki help me?

If you don’t even know where to start or what to do, teikeki will inspire you. If you already know what do you want, but you cant make it to the end, teikeki will motivate you. If you manage to do it successfully, teikeki will give you space for self-presentation, and then you will become an inspiration for others.

What is the goal of teikeki?

The goal of teikeki is to create a unique motivational tool that will inspire and motivate you, so you can use the most of your potential to achieve your goals while providing space where you can share your successes and be an inspiration to others - online perpetuum mobile. :)

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